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Sub Life is the new EP by Weird Messiah, a musical amalgamation of alt indie, dream pop and electronica. 

It's a subaquatic, psycho-sensory journey through a watery underworld. You will meet characters such as Big Blubber and The Boy Who Slipped Into the Sea. 


Sub Life is an underwater dystopia, the escape from which is the plight of our protagonist. It is a thought- provoking story that mirrors our own. As the title track suggests, "you won't get out of here with both eyes closed".

SUBLIFE was written, recorded and performed by Vincent Gould and mixed, mastered and engineered by Pete Heywood.


Into the Sea

Sinking, giggling into the sea

Is this the end of the land that created me?

Not with a bang, with a whimper you see


Is it to be or not to be?

I’m as low as a man can be

Down in the ocean, fishing for me

Illegitimate place to be

Die, little baby


You’re on the wrong side of history

At least that’s what they keep telling me

This is the right place for you to be

Under the bridge with the dregs of humanity



Take a part of me

And make it free

The part of me

The part that dare not speak


Sinking into the sea

Down to the bed where I’ll lay for eternity

Into the deep pressed like a bad dream

With no trace and there’s nobody stopping me

I’m as sunk as a boy could be

Watching horizons rising away from me

Over radio entropy

Reports of an old boy seen slipping into the sea

There’s nothing here for you to see

At least that’s what they keep selling me

It’s the only way to be

But suddenly it no longer amuses me





Way down way down low
Life out of balance will never flow
If your sub life makes you low
There is a way to make your real life grow
Sometimes you’re the last to know
You’re doing things that make your sub life so
From my head down to my toes
Trying to work out where the good time goes

In my Sublife (x2)

Way down, way down, way unknown
Not quite static just very slow
Can’t see much when you’re this low
You won’t get out of here with both eyes closed
Way down, way down, way not shown
Down to the depths where nobody goes
No way back what you know
On to heaven where the good folk row

In my Sublife

In my Sublife

You know it feels nice

But something ain't right


Big Blubber


When you wake up in the soup

You’re going to wonder what you should do

So here’s a little play

Just a layout of a normal day

You will wake up around eight

And you’ll wonder what’s on your plate

You will sit and meditate


What did I do to deserve

All these things that are unearned

It’s so nice for me to see

That there’s nothing that’s required of me

So take your favourite thing

And watch it over and over again

All the shows you must get through



Big Blubber’s passing by your pod

Every day at 9 o’clock

Don’t look in his bloated eye

Just make sure you’re up in time

Headphones on

Volume up

Fill my cup?

Thanks a lot!

Well, it’s just a normal day

Being entertained


As you watch him swim away

Don’t you worry your little brain

There’s no need to feel that way

He just wants you to be entertained

As your head begins to swell

There’s a story that you tell yourself

Perhaps here is the place for me

Maybe this is where I’m supposed to be



Big Blubber’s coming back around

He just wants to check you out

Don’t look in his bloated eye

Just make sure you’re up in time

Turn that frown upside down

Send that sweat back up your brow

What a way to spend your time

This is your Sublife!


I just want you to be free

That’s why I got you under the sea

II just want you in the blue

Where I can keep an eye on you


Big Blubber’s at your door

No escaping any more

His tail flicks the foam

As he makes himself at home


You can see him through the dark

Every word could set a spark

He sits down on your bed

And tries to get inside your head


Every surface has an eye

Walls fit to climb  

Not enough to be outside

He’s got to tuck you in at night


Take your hand off the plough

In the never ending now

You’ll be made anew

When he's finished with you


He felt as though 
he were wandering in the forests of the sea-bottom, lost in a monstrous world

where he himself was the monster. He was alone. The past was dead, the future was unimaginable.

What certainty had he that a single human creature now living was on his side?

And what way of knowing that the dominion of the party would not endure for ever?
- Orwell, 1984

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