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There’s no possible justification

That can be drawn from this course of action

There is no right hill to die on

The right circumstance will never come along


Stop living to stop dying

That’s what they seem to say

Stop living to stop dying

We’ll Guarantee your safety


There’s no possible safety measure

That can protect you from a life of leisure

There is no alternative

Just stop having life if you want to live


It is not meant to make sense

You’re just meant to obey

Designed for obedience

At least it seems to me


Do as I say

Not as I do

You just do

What you’re meant to

An impossible conversation

Between two people of different persuasions

You think it’s starting to go well

Then the drawbridge comes down

Like a ringing bell


But the law is on my side

That’s what they seem to say

And it wins me every time




There will be a resolution

If you have truth to stand on

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